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Biogas Biogas refers to a gas made from anaerobic digestion of agricultural and animal waste. The gas, a mixture of methane and CO2, is used for direct combustion in cooking or lighting applications ...... Read More Read more
Climate Change Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather over periods ranging from 30 years ...... Read More Read more
Rope And Washer Pump The rope and washer pump is the most economical and simple form of water lifting service, ideally suited for rural applications...........Read More Read more
Solar Energy Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, solar architecture and artificial photosynthesis ...... Read More Read more
Solar Power Solar energy is free and abundant in Zimbabwe and can be harnessed to provide sustainable energy sources to meet part of the energy requirement....... Read More Read more
Sustainable Natural Resource Management   Wood fuel may be available as fuel wood, charcoal, chips, pellets and sawdust. However, Combustion of wood leads to green house gases emissions ... Read More Read more
Wind Power The “Power from Wind" Project arose out of the growing need for and focus on renewable sources of energy. The project evolved from a three-year wind monitoring exercise conducted in the country in the late 80s and early 90s ........ Read More   Read more

Welcome to ZERO


Welcome to ZERO Regional Environment Organisation website. We are a regional non- governmental organisation, working in southern Africa. Our head office is in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our focus is on the promotion of development (rural and urban) through the sustainable utlisation and management of natural resources. Enjoy the tour as we take you through these projects and our achievements across the region.